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Anhui Aland New Energy Materials Co. Ltd was established in 2001, and it is a high-tech joint-stock company with the modern enterprise system. The company is located in Erba economic development zone in Wuhu, and the total occupied area is over 60,000 square meters. The company mainly engaged in new battery storage materials research, development, production and sales.With the modern R&D center and a number of patents, the company has series of new high-performance secondary battery material products, which include a variety of specifications of continuous nickel foam, spherical nickel hydroxide, cobalt oxide spheres, lithium cobalt oxide,ternary precursor, ternary material. The products are widely used in high-quality nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, power batteries, etc. Our customers are major domestic battery manufacturers. At present we are one of the largest battery storage material manufacturers.
In adherence with the philosophy of “honesty, innovation, customer-oriented” and the entrepreneurship of “loyalty, progression, dedication”, Aland is dedicated in making sustainable improvement in quality and technology in order to grasp the industry pulse and meet the industry needs. In pursuit of sync with the world technology, we develop generation after generation of inexpensive high-quality products to enhance the core competitiveness of our customers.